Does Aflac's Accidental Insurance cover Chiropractor visit?

Two weeks ago I was involved in an accident that not here me in alot of pain and in the ER. Now after seeing the doctor (and them diagnosing me near Whiplash) and they doing all they could do for me I am still in alot of pain. So I be wandering if my next step should be the chiropractor and will they cover it, because the first visit is almost $400 dollars.
Answers:    Ouch. $400?! I would shop around for a different one if I were you. I don't own the greatest insurance in the world, but I do have it and visits to the chiropractor merely cost me $14. I think the initial visit is $74 if I haven't yet met my deductible. But nearby has just got to be a more justifiable chiropractor in your area. Find one and then trademark sure you go. I went to mine after an ATV accident instead of going to the doctor and my chiropractor shortened my convalescence by an amazing amount. Reduced cramp immediately as well.

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I would like to suggest you return with as much information as you could before taking action,here is a good place for that.

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