Emergency- Hernia Advice?

My father has a hernia in his groin, right side which be diagnosed by a GP 6 weeks ago. She said that once his condition deteriorates to get him straight to an ER as she said it is very serious.
Recently as of 5 days ago, it have protruded and as of today/last night, it hadn't gone back surrounded by. He is in agony, and cannot stand, walk or even sit in need holding it.
I know very little about hernias, and am not sure what to do! Has it "popped"? Or should I be exceedingly worried?

Answer:    I've had four hernias. The GP is absolutely correct--it is a medical emergency.

The factor that protrudes through the groin is a loop of your father's intestine. When the hernia gets so bad that it won't cut back on (go back in), the biggest problem about this is that the blood supply to the intestine is surrounded by danger of being cut past its sell-by date.

In other words, if the weakness in the abdominal wall is small to moderate surrounded by size, a portion of intestine may get trapped, or incarcerated. This is called an incarcerated hernia and can end in problems such as severe pain, nausea, vomiting, or absence of bowel movements.

If the intestine become incarcerated or trapped in the abdominal wall defect, blood flow to the intestines may become blocked. This is call a strangulated hernia. This type of hernia is often painful and requires prompt surgery.

Surgery may be needed to remove cut of the intestine if the hernia is incarcerated or strangulated. This surgery is called bowel resection. (Bowel is another word for intestine.) Bowel resection can also be performed laparoscopically.

Your father wishes to seek immediate medical attention at the nearest emergency room. Delaying treatment could incredibly well result in the strangulated division of the intestines dying and becoming gangrenous (gangrene). That's why his GP said to go straight to the emergency room. It literally can be a life or demise situation.

The survival rate for that kind of gangrene is very low, and although it is a vastly quick way to die (often 24-48 hours after intestines die), it is an extremely agonizing course to die.

Be >>very<< worried. Get medical attention now..
The best thing for groin hernia is to repair it surgically ,it can obtain serious when a part of the intestine stuck in the hernia sack , and can head to intestinal obstruction. it is a simple surgery . he should go to the doctor and discuss the surgery near him .

here..this site explain it all .

You dont want to mess around with a hernia your stupid Dr should hold booked him in straight to an operation I cant believe she said wait untill it pops out! Take him right to the hospital he will have need of an emergency operation then when he is better go rear to the Dr and ask her how she ever got her Dr's Degree! Not good at adjectives un believable!

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