Farting on pillow cause pink eye?

Yes.I saw "knocked up" haha...
Can you really get pink eye if someone farted on your pillow?
What cause pink eye?

Answer:    Pinkeye (conjunctivitis) is caused by an eye infection. There really is no specific virus or bacteria explicitly the culprit of conjunctivitis. It could also be caused by an allergy, which are not contagious unlike its counterpart caused by an infection.

If an individual be to pass gas on someone's pillow (without wearing any clothing), it is possible to spread fecal matter onto the pillow covering and that matter could contain bacterial or viral organisms. Mind you, just rationale you don't see the fecal matter, doesn't mean it is not nearby.
Now if you were to pass gas on someone's pillow while wearing pant and underwear odds are you will be fine.
Poor hygiene can also contribute to pinkeye. For example, if you don't wash your facade and change your pillow case regularly (at least possible twice a week) you could possibly pick up something which could result in an infection of the eye..
As was already stated, it's cause from a virus or bacteria. It's very contagious and is confidently spread by touching something that has those bugs on them. A person that have it uses a bathroom towel to wipe their face and you use the same towel. Guess who presently has it? Farting by itself is just the release of trapped air/gas. If a entity was to somehow pass along feces near the fart. Otherwise known as a wet fart. And that feces be to get to your eye... there could be a problem. Pink eye is an eye infection (medical occupancy = conjunctivitis) caused by a bacteria, virus or other. If germs , ummm, were sprayed on the pillow, ummm, I guess it is possible. But if the pillow was THAT soiled, who would put their obverse on it anyway?? LOL.
One type of pink eye is caused by bacteria, another is cause by a virus, another is caused by allergies, and another is caused by sleeping near contact lenses in. I don't think you hold to worry about the pillow. This association may help. you probably could if you splattered

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