What places on the body can you carry shot but live?

I'm doing some research for a short story I'm writing. In the story, the character gets shot in his right side, sort of by the pelvic bone. Although, I've be thinking maybe to change where exactly he get shot. After my character gets his bullet wound, he needs to bearing 20 mins to get to his house. Then the ambulance would arrive about 5 minutes after that.

Is this realistic? Or would you probably be deceased by then? If he took off his shirt and pressed it to the wound, would it help the bleeding any at adjectives? Would any vital organs be pierced?

Any information at all would be very favourable! Or if anyone can tell me a place where you could be shot and possibly live, that would be helpful too.

Serious answers just please. And thank you!
most likely if someones gotten shot and survived without medical attention for as long as your discussion about in your story, the wound has be somewhere in their limbs, not in their belly, head or neck. there r more essential organs in those areas that r likely to get hit. however if youre shot surrounded by a limb and the bullet hits an artery you could bleed out really fast so making a turniket (spelling?) from a shirt or something would be necessary. theyd probably hav2 hav abundantly of adrenaline coursing through their veins to walk as far as youre thinking tho. but yea pretty much anything is possible Source(s): myself.
Just don't enjoy it be the front inward part of a shoulder. A lot of movies put them there. But in truth, part of your lungs are there, and you would likely die. Source(s): A discussion beside my dr
Lot's of factors affect survivability from gunshot wounds:
1) caliber of the bullet; .22 vs .45 .
2) make of the bullet; hollow point or round ball.
3) distance and angle of entry.

Any gunshot wound is survivable including shots to the herald & chest. It all just depends on those above factors.

The lower right quadrant of the stomach, above the pelvis, could be a survivable injury but if the intestines are injured it can be really painful, so much so that the person could not walk, and it could head to severe infection and death later on.

Gunshot wounds to the thighs and to the arms are almost always survivable, and aren't adjectives that painful or debilitating either. Source(s): Critical Care Paramedic and a Tactical Medic for 22 years
Another wannabe story teller that's doesn't know how to research his story, gotta love it.
You can get shot just about anywhere and survive. I've hear stories of people being shot in the commander and still surviving.

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