How can I increase blood flow to my foot for a 5th metatarsal fracture?

I fractured my 5th metatarsal back in November. I did see an orthopedic surgeon several times over the concluding few months. I STILL have pain and can't really wear some regular shoes, simply flip flops and slippers. I feel like I can't do ANYTHING! I still wear my riding boot. I take the right supplements and drink milk everyday. I don't, well, can't do anything alive at all and its killing me! I know the blood supply is poor contained by that area. Does anyone know how to increase blood flow in that nouns? Will that even help? Or does anyone know anything else I can try to promote healing? I call for all the help I can take. Every time I see my orthopedic surgeon, he says, "Wear the boot for 4 more weeks." That's been going on since December. The singular other thing I can think of that might assistance is a bone stimulator, but I can't afford that.

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I've now broken the 5th metatarsal in both foot! both from a twist. I understand the ongoing aching, one was 8 years ago, bothers me off and on, the other solitary 2 months ago-much slower healing! my doctor doesn't like me contained by the boot. Has no one suggested orthotics? I have get hold of some made to support my arch, turns out I have flat feet and specifically the main source of pain. I hold done exercises for my foot that seem to help, including freezing a small wet bottle and rolling it under my foot, helps stretch things out short pain. I keep walking, slow, but on a daily basis, the boot can be part of the problem, weakens your leg too! Massage and bake can help increase the blood flow to any body part, using one of those sack of beans or rice you heat in the microwave is correct too.

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