How to extract hydrocodone from a lortab?

First off, dont reply to this without knowing what you are discussion about, I dont need to be packed with everyones bs.

I have a prescription to Lortabs, 5/500mg's.I be searching for a cold water extraction on erowid and found no such luck. What is a household means of access to extract the hydrocodone from the tylenol? I have the syrup also, both were prescribed just now when I had my wisdom teeth extracted. I be hoping to find a good dose of codeine to relieve my pain in need the tylenol. Since I have to take them every 2-3 hours, it get annoying. Please dont tell me I need to budge back to the doctor, I am satisfied beside my pain medication, I just be toying around with the idea of separating the hydrocodone from the tylenol. So if someone know how to do that, you will get a best answer!

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crush them up and pour it in a shot cup with COLD water the colder the better mix it around near a toothpick after that put it in the fridge after about a partly hour there should be a layer of Tylenol at the bottom pour the juice through a filter i use a tea bag but really anything will work the Tylenol sticks to the bottom

remember you will lose some hydrocodone doing this but it will speed up the onset

you want the wet not the white stuff on the bottom

Wow, this is really discouraging...i stipulation serious counsel!?

Well, I doubt very much if there is a licensed chemist here on yahoo who would divulge that information to the public. Furthermore, I would guess that it requires a terribly extensive chemistry set and could possibly be very dangerous to accomplish. For example the process to extract ephedrine from sudafed to produce Chrystal meth can cause a lethal explosion. If you really requirement a more concentrated medication to relieve pain I would suggest Norco. You can get Norco short any Tylenol in it at all (it's purely hydrocodone and fillers). If your actually full of BS about the agony and just want to get glorious then try Oxycontin or Heroine. Essentially they synthesize into the same drug once they enter the blood stream but heroine is greatly cheaper and easier to get. You can but a bundle (that's 12 packs) on any big city street corner for about $125. If your afraid to shoot it don't verbs, new suppliers have altered their recipe to make it more smoke-able and snort-able.

I'm not sure what your objective is here and really don't precision but I hope that kind of sums up your options.

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