I Could Hear Lots Of Gas Bubbles Popping In My Stomach. PLEASE RESPOND!!?

I'm sorry I have to say this, but when I was on the toilet, I could hear lots of gas bubbles popping surrounded by my stomach. I drank nothing but soda the entire time after I got home from school, up until very soon. Do you think it is because of the soda, and would water make my gas bubbles shift away? Sorry I had to sound crude.
Answers:    actually you could own acid reflux when you drink alot of soda and have AR you will hear alot of bubble sounds cuz theres too much acid within ur stomach

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It's actually highly unlikely that you heard gas bubbles popping contained by your stomach. The gurgling, popping sound that you heard was certainly your bowels moving. It's not in your stomach at all, even though it sounds like it. If you haven't have anything but soda in the last several hours, you probably do have some sort of hostile response from the excess carbonation, but water will not help. If you want something to treat the gas, use something with simethicone within it like Gas-Ex. Also, lay off the soda, and get something nutritious to drink.

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Yeah it could be that your stomach is really sensitive to soda

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