I Swallowed A Peppermint And Sometimes When I Breathe My Chest Hurts? What Should I Do?

I Was Drinking Water And I Had A Peppermint In My Mouth And I Had Swallowed It Whole It Hurt When It Was Going Down And Now My Chest Hurts. Will I Be Having This Pain all Day Or Will It Go Away? Is There Something I Can Do To Make It Go Away?

Canker sores?

it'll desolve and the pain will shift away, ya jus rubbed the wronge way

Im surrounded by strain :( Read please?

The pain will move about away shortly :)
no worries

How do i ask my doctor for stronger spasm meds in need sounding approaching a junkie?

5 yr prehistoric beside sudden ear soreness..?
Stabbing and stinging anguish within my foot?
I own annular tears (a) L1-5 as via mri. + herniation (a) s1 any hope for a 45 yr out-of-date w/ 2 infantile playful children

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