Lumbar prominence?

what is it? i know what scoliosis is, just not lumbar prominence? we had a scoliosis check article today, and my nurse sent home a letter saying i mightt own a problem, but she said it was probobly fine since nine out of ten times, a child is healthy. should i report my parents? do you think ill be fine?

Does anybody know what this could be?

Tumbling won't affect your curve worse so I wouldn't verbs about it. I'd recommend showing the letter to your parents only just to let them know that you ought to monitor your back every once contained by awhile. Tumbling is probably helping you by keeping your core muscles strong. Keep going!

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What makes you think your parents won't know? Are you planning to darken the nurse's letter? Why don't you want your parents to know about your vigour? Nine out of ten times, a child with this condition is healthy, so you hold a 90% chance that you'll be fine.
I'm guessing a lumbar prominence is a condition of some of the lumbar vertebrae (backbones) sticking out more than usual. Can you ask the nurse what a lumbar prominence is? Does the letter to your parents explain what it is? If the answer to both of these is no, look up "lumbar prominence" on Google, or check the connect I pasted.

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