My knees crunches!?

My knee crunches when I bend it (mainly when pressure is applied) it hurts to do squats and I can't bend it to sit on the ground. If I sit on the ground and tuck my leg under next to the knee bent-when I get up it burns and hurts inside. The crunching is loud and population can hear it.
When I bend it and put my hand on the knee I can FEEL it crunching and grinding next to my hand.
I am under 20 and childlike so it's not arthritis?
I went to a bone doctor and he said-thats normal alot of young girls have that.
My dad who is a doctor took an X-ray and didn't see anything wrong...WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

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I have alike thing! I'm 23! Whenever I walk up stairs my knees makes a loud crunching noise...I dunno what it is any so let me know if you find out.

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I have indistinguishable crunching noise but that's because 8 months ago I sprained my ACL, tore my LCL, and dislocated my knee sou`wester during a basketball game. I was fouled surrounded by the air and as I was landing my knees completely twisted out. My knee is still healing but to be precise because my ligaments are coming together and getting stronger. If you play sports you could be putting pressure on your knee. Try to apply some heat to loosen up your knees.

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I'd say your overextending yourself. And if ur still growing, sometimes your legs grow too fast and you procure growing pains. If it crunches, sounds like it could be the cartilidge...My brother was diagnosed w/Osgood-Schlatter disease, which a short time ago means the bone and tendons are growing at diff rates. But he was a teen after. Since your older, I'd just recommend that you try some PT classes to strengthen ur knees

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If your Dad is a doctor and a specialist hold both looked at your knee and told you it's normal later why are you asking on here??

I know I requirement xrays, is it cheaper to stir to doctor or hospital?

nothings wrong its just tendons, it varies from different associates. some are more noticeable and some are not. everyone has it. and that aching and burning means your just exerting too much force.

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