My knees hurts when i bend it, what does it connote?

when like *example* bend down on my right leg to tie my shoe lace, theres like this pressure from my knee and it hurts, or when i in recent times make my right leg completely straight it hurts
Answers:    when you sleep you might tighten your joints in your knees, so when ever you apply any pressure it tens to swell and hurt.

I cant really bend my legs and..

capably, if that happens, that either mean you, pulled the cohesive really hard, or you pulled the muscle of your leg and it is going down into your knee. if i were you, move about see a doctor, get x-ray, and put ice and heat, try to saunter around, elevate it ( which means lift your leg up). or also maybe enjoy too Much water in your knee which is cause the pain, take some medicine and that's adjectives i can give you, hope i helped! :D Source(s): soccer!

I have to seize stiches within my..

if it hurts when you bend over and reach your toes and when you straighten it after it sounds like an injury to the tendons or ligaments above you knee.

take some tylenol if you havent already. sounds resembling you sprained it pretty good. it'll take a few days to heal and grain better. but if you cant walk on it or it swells up or just keeps getting worse dance to the Emergency Room and get it looked at they should be able to help you even more.

hope you have a feeling better.

Two of my fingers are jammed?

ohhh my man-friend went through the same thing. ya it turned out that an alien be inhabiting his left kneecap. is your knee purple? if so, then it's a zoofromalchoo which is the WORST compassionate of alien. you will have to shoot your leg off with a intergalactic fountain pen. afterwards you must stab your eyes out because the blood from your leg will infect your eyes and kill you so assuming you don't die of blood loss then stab out your eyes, too. hope that helped :) Source(s): preston manuel the man-friend

I achieve ear twinge when i put..

it depends on how long this have been going on you probally pulled a musule or something do you have gym you could have done it nearby my sister whenever she bends down her legs crack or pop but we have been telling her to acquire that checked because it probally will hurt when she gets in mid life you should seize it checked if it does not stop just wait a week

Since I have flu contained by precipitate..

you might have some mild osteoporosis. osteoporosis isn't with the sole purpose limited to old people. some childlike people develop it at a young age. i'm advise you to drink more milk and surrounded by general take in more calcium. also try glucosamine capsule, they're good for people with pooled problems. best of luck with that!

Why am I so tired if I..

it could just be sore. try to work through it for a couple of days. if it doesn't improve or get worse, tell someone or go see a doctor. until then stretch it out, don't be afraid to move it lately because it hurts.

Am i mentally sick?Inflicting strain?

If you are older you may have arthritis but most likely its a short time ago tight joints, which means you need to confer your knees a rest first and then do some light exercise. if the pain get worse consult a doctor.

Do your hand ever obtain sore from..

the fact that your asking this tells me your young and probably experiencing growing pains, Or your knees is all jacked up and needs to be amputated

Brain plausible is this to develop?

i think i enjoy what you have, i dont really know what it is but it may be like a joint problem or something

WorkerComp shoulder request for information?

It could be arthritis. If you are of age or are notably active you could have developed arthritis. try taking anti inflammatory meds.

Is it regular to still be sore?

If it lasts more than a morning or so, see a doctor. It might be gout, which responds to medication, but can get very painful but for treated.

So, i've cut again. what should i..

Do you play any sport or do any physical activity that you could have hurt it with. You should probably walk see a doctor.

When getting punched does it hurt?

I had the same thing. You will enjoy to walk it off really slowly. It will go away.

Have lower support agony and affecting my..

It could be arthritis contained by your knees, or they could be sore from overuse.

Whats wrong beside the arch surrounded by..

see your doctor stop asking people on the internet health questions

Can I dance to sleep near Visine..

try to stay bad ur knees

Is artificial Tanning a suitable substitute for..

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