My Neck Is Bothering Me?

For a few months my neck has be bothering me. Only recently has it gotten worse. When I lean my organizer to the right side (downwards) I get dizzy and feel funny. It's not relatively as bad on the left side (yet.) It bothers me to lean my lead downwards, like it's heavy and have pressure on it. When I have to put my head backwards it go but once it goes far enough I discern like I've lost some control. In ballet class the other sunshine it just fell back. We have to lean backwards and lean our heads back as capably. It also cracks when I go to lift it vertebrae up. I am going to get a brain scan and an MRI for my neck, but not for a few weeks. In the meantime, could anyone beside anyone who thinks they might know what this is give me some guidance?

What is this? A recoil to adjectives of yesterday or something else?

I have a cervical spine injury and my best advice to you is to click on these links and trust your doctor to know what is best for you. If he have ordered a MRI and CT scan he must know better than anything you'll get here. But if he was hugely concerned you would not be waiting for 2 weeks for a MRI and he would have put you in an Alpine cervical brace until the test he has ordered..

The links can provide you with polite information from medical professionals. Neck injuries can be very serious so you don't really want to depend on just what you read here do you?

Good luck

What hurts right in a minute? If you are contained by...?

You could entail your back and neck in tune by the Chiro. You could have a pinched nerve.

Does this nouns resembling Sleep Apnea to you?

It is devout you are going to the Dr. Your neck probably is out of line,,, arthritis,,,

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