Need a prescription but can't afford visit to doctor?

Answer:    There is probably a free clinic that you can go to or if you have a good relationship with your doctor tell him that you needed to be seen but are having a hard time financially. Sometimes doctors will give you a discount on the visit and then also ask if they have samples of the medication that you need.

Good luck!.
you dont say what kind of rx this is that you need .if it is an ongoing rx that you just cant afford then try to see if a free clinic will help.if you need something that is one time like a painkiller or antibiotic then go to the er and they will prescribe after diagnosis.if it is the latter best be careful not to do this too many times because if you are going for pain meds this can only be done so many times and eventually your name will be flagged look for a clinic that does a thing called a sliding fee, its not just for low income, it applies to your income, and then your cost is pro-rated accordingly..
try searching which is a website that can help you locate a free clinic in your area. Every city has AT LEAST one clinic that is free, and the website above will help locate one. not sure about insulin but some of the other drugs you might be able to get online in their generic form, take a look at the site I use and see if they carry what you need. .
Look for a free clinic in your area.

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