Raise your arms when you cough. Why are we told this?

Just a minute ago I hacked up a lung because the water I be drinking went down the wrong pipe. A coworker of mine told me to raise my arms over my organizer. How is there any medical significance in that?

If i broke my wrist and be put into a style would i still be capable of write?

It open the lungs allowing for the person to take surrounded by more air and make the cough more productive if something be swallowed the wrong way. It also works for respiratory infections like bronchitis and pneumonia.

My liver hurts the daytime after i drink tricky alcohol, Why?

the judgment they say to raise your arms is because it make your ribs expand so that your lungs can expand and you can get a big enough breath. it does really work.

Is you own constant strain within the nouns, whats the break you enjoy Meningitis?

i've no impression! i took some lifeguard courses whichincludes first aid and we haven't been told such a thing!
did it sustain you?

A spanking new sport?

i don't know either but i say it to mykids when they are choking ..

I don`t know it opens your airways or something...

Help need more sugestions MOM WONT TAKE ME TO DOC?

Should I verbs if a bruise I own on my chest turns extremely sickly?
Why does my finger tingle after giving blood?
Ears popping for no motivation?

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