Skinned knees is oozing?

I skinned my knee and it has be three days and it is oozing clear liquid

Answer:    Don't worry. The clear fluid is likely plasma, the liquid component of your blood. Scrapes, while shallow, remove relatively full-size areas of skin. Due to the size of the missing skin scrapes take time to scab over.
Wash the nouns gently with soap and thaw water and pat it dry (do not rub). Put on some neosporin or something similar, and bandage it. At hours of darkness, take off the covering to let the scrape "nouns out" and re-bandage it the next morning.
Oozing is only mete out for concern if the discharge is yellow, milky, and/or has a foul odor. In those cases it's a sign of infection..
That's in reality normal and good sign. Just net sure you keep it clean and it will treat up just fine. Great sign!

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