What do i do in the order of a sprained ankle, i own vicodin and Tylenol..i triped down the stairs

it is swollen.

Answer:    Did you go to the doctors?

I tripped down my friends doorstep when I was drunk once. I go to the ER the next day, because I couldnt meander on it. I went to the ER (when I had form insurance) and all they did was provide me Ibuprofen, a little split to keep my foot within, and some crutches. There really isnt much to do other than that. It will heal completely contained by probably 6 weeks..
Vicodin for a sprain? Come now.

Elevate it. 20 minutes hot compress, 20 minute cold compress. Asparin for swelling and pain. Put an ace plaster on it snugly, but not so tightly that you lose circulation. Use crutches if it is bad. Try not to rely on it too much when walking or standing.

After time when the swelling and pain subsides some. open to very easily move it up, down, sideways and adjectives round very slowly. If you feel any grotesque pain (like beyond stiffness or mild discomfort) lay off for a while and try again.

It may help yourself to a very very long time for the swelling to dance comletely away and your ankle may take a while to regain strength and integrity again. You will be more prone to spraining that ankle in the adjectives.

Lay of the pain pills..
Elevate it above the rest of your leg, use a cooling agent to reduce swelling (a cold flannel or a backpack of frozen peas would both do - although don't put the frozen peas directly onto your skin!)
I have no idea whether any of those painkillers would help - if you were surrounded by the UK I would advise Ibuprofen for swelling. Rest Ice Compression and Elevation - RICE

The best thing to do is craft sure you stay off your foot. Make sure it's elevated on a pillow while your sitting (this will help halt some of the swelling.) You can also wrap it in an ace bandage (make sure you wrap towards your heart or it can contribute to more swelling).

try soaking it within warm water chock-full with epsom salt afterwards keep it elevated. only use the vicodin if your within severe pain. If not, try using an anti-inflammatory such as Aleve to help near the pain and rotate that with the tylenol hold on to it elevated above your heart to relieve the swelling.
ice packs to lend a hand keep the swelling down.
and stay off the foot for a while.
oh and if you do these things the frozen narcotics are not necessary. Tylenol will do.
Don't take vicodin. Just clutch some ibprofen, ice and elevate. Ice for at least 20 mins and elevate it above your organizer. Once you are capable to, start drawing the alphabet with your toes. That's better than what I did. I grain 5 feet and broke my radius and ulna in my wrist. And I;m right hand so toileting had some new challenge!
Just be glad you can still wipe your hiney :).
elevate your leg and put ice on it and the Tylenol would work but the vicadine will do better elevate it and immobilize it. nothin much else you can do..
Get some rime on it, take some vicodin and ibuprofen if you can, that should help if it is 750 vicodin help yourself to one after you
elevate your leg and you should fall asleep..
Deal with it resembling a man.

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