What is the difference between the symptoms of broken ribs and bruised ribs?

Answer:    In the case of a broken rib there can be pain, and a grating feeling during movement or respiration. Further a projection may be seen underneath the skin if the fracture has cosed displacement if .
Some fractures may have only pain on breathing in.

In a bruise there may be a local swelling, pain on inspiration and superficial colour change on the skin.

When there is no grating or projection symptoms may be the same..
Not much to choose from. They are both very painful and make it hard to breathe and to move your torso.If your ribs are broken they don't do anything for them. In the old days they used to strap you up tight with bandages but they found that people got pnemonia because they couldn't expand their lungs wide enough to clear them. So they stopped doing that. There is no treatment for bruised or broken ribs just time and painkillers.

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