What is this drug?

its this red color and it goes on sores lik cuts and moles my mom and dad call it my-theigh-laid but i cant give the impression of being 2 find it anywhere i dont kno how 2 spell it right either.Plus the liquid tablets (that u put on ur skin) is out of business for som time i just wanna kno if the internet still hav it

I'm getting a cartilage peircing...?

What you are describing is Tincture of Merthiolate It's a Mercury-based topical antiseptic. It is NOT TO BE TAKEN INTERNALLY. Mercury, remember. It can be found at most drug stores. Also, you can get it on-line ate Amazon.com, etc.

Betadine is an orangish topical antiseptic explicitly Iodine based. The two are diferent. But both are good topical antiseptics.

So, I broke a staple really doomed to failure. I'm not going to cut it past its sell-by date, can I put new-skin on it to maintain it from catching

You are chitchat about Methiolate. No, it isn't made anymore...And no it never came contained by pill form. Why would it be?.

How do you do CPR if someone won't stop bleeding?

Hello there. You are actually trying to spell "methylaid." It is a topical antiseptic that elder people put on absolutely everything. My arm be almost completely cut off one time and my mom said, "Just put some methylaid on it, it will be okay." Well, thats a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. If you stir to google and search for it, there are going on for 783 websites for it. Hope this helps.

Are my loud chords undermined?

The red colored stuff that you put on cuts is called Betadine. I hold no idea what liquid medication you're talking about, but only just use liquid band-aids or neosporin and a regular bandaid.

When i rouse up contained by the morning i own swelling contained by my fingers why?

Doctor say "No surgery on my back" nonetheless keep me on morphine, why?
Does anyone know anything give or take a few a bulging disk hitting a bravery?
My sore foot?

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