When i stand up i blackout and draw from dizzy?

i will be sitting down or laying down and when i get up i slowly blackout like i will stand up and under the weather be a little dizzt then it will go black and i hold to close my eyes then im fine no headaches or anything i just blackout it hppenes a great deal in the summer too buti think thats die to the emnsly hot *** heat we attain where i live but what do you think could be wrongg?
Answers:    That happens to me to. It merely happens when I'm watching t.v, or just sitting around. It never happens at university or anything. I think it's from the lack of brain activity or movement, and your body basically needs to wakeup.

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What you are describing sounds like orthostatic hypotension. When you stand up too quickly, if your blood pressure is too low, the blood flow to the brain slows down and take a while to recover. No permanent damage is done. You have a feeling it more often in the summer because dehydration reduces blood volume, thus reducing your blood pressure even more.

The solution is to get hold of up slowly and drink enough liquids.

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You are fine that happens to me adjectives the time. Drink more water that will help. Also it is because you are standing up to fast. So stand up slower. Oh and a further think if u start to black out and feel hot you should sit down, and drink some wet and eat some food. If u do not do this you may faint. I have done this twice.
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That used to happen to me quite a bit, I assumed I just get up too fast or perhaps it was low blood pressure. It hasn't happen for a few years so now maybe I don't get low blood pressure any more.

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I'm not sure. That happen to me sometimes too but I just blame it on sitting or laying down too long then have a head rush.

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Sounds like you may have some blood pressure issues.

Have the hospital transport your blood pressure, and see a doctor.

- Stuart

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have you consumed any drugs? my girly would faint like that the hours of daylight after a rave.. kinda scary, but after some sleep she was fine.

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Yeah, that happens to everybody I've ever asked and myself. it's not lately you.

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that happens all the time 2 me! u stand up too fast, that's why

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Try getting up slowly and if it continues to ensue contact your Dr.

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