Why did green stuff come out of my piercing?

I've got 2 piercings in each ear, and yesterday I notice that my right ear was a little sore. Gradually, it got worse throughout the sunshine, and it hurt so bad last night while I be sleeping that I just took them out without even turning the lights on. When I woke up, there be this green crap all over my earrings! At first I though maybe it was only just the color of the pigment when they marked my ears to pierce them for the second time 5 months ago, but that just didn't make any sense. One of the holes surrounded by my ears is red around the edge and white in the center and the other one is black-ish. Any idea what it is? The color be a very vibrant teal-green color.
Answers:    infection!
heres what ya need to do... clean it! near either the cleaning solution you got or antiseptic wash that you can bring at any drugstore squeeze the pus out, you should be able to keep your earrings in and simply make sure you clean 3 to 4 times a day squeezing the pus out every time till it stops coming out. Depending on how doomed to failure it is you should be good in a few days at least. if it doesn't return with better consider going to a doctor to get it checked out. avoid messing touching or doing anything but cleaning with your ears for a few weeks to make sure everything heal fine. that means no hats, no playing with them, and no come first phones that cover your ears (ear buds may be ok). do all that and you should be ok! if its swollen try ibuprofen, avoid ice unless you really need it!
you should be fine though! Source(s): i own 11 piercings - 6 done in the past 4 years

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well it sounds as though you hold an allergic reaction to the material (check to see if it's hyper-allergenic) ... or you have an infection contained by your ear tissue.

since it happened in one ear and not the other, perhaps it is infection. i'd see a doctor to generate sure it's contained properly. bring along the earrings (don't clean them in case they involve to culture).

at your own risk (i am not a doc), see the ehow article attached. Source(s): http://www.ehow.com/how_2278639_treat-in...

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Green drainage would indicate an infection. You need to clean the ear very resourcefully until it quits draining.

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idk pus?
its sounds like an infection.. just clean it out everyday, it will hurt approaching hell but you dont want to leave it alone..
or go to a doctor if you can afford it.

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uhhh was the percing done profesionaly? mabey it's and infection.

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(1) First of adjectives you got an infection, likely from improper sterilization of the instrument used or the fingers of that personage or from bacteria that already was on your skin surface.

(2) Green is caused from oxidation of any metal explicitly NOT pure gold, such as an alloy or plating or zince,pewter or lead impurities surrounded by the metal.

(3) Application of a strong disinfectant like alcohol followed by polysporin will likely clear up your problem.

(4) If the ear does NOT respond to home treatment in two days look in an emergency room for medical treatment.

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