Why does my hip hurt so much?

Recently iv been having hip problems and its be occuring for about 6 month now. I don't know what the exact is but im having pain in recent times in one spot on my right hip. Its hard to sit down of late for even 5 min because the pain will start bottling up on my right hip. But if i walk it still hurts but not as fruitless as sitting down. Whatever movement i make or whatever i do my hip tend to hurt so bad. Just wondering if anyone had this problem formerly and knows how to cure it. Im only 18 and that is to say a little to young to be have hip problems.

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It sounds like it might be trochanteric bursitis. This is an inflammation of the fluid filled lubricating sac that overlies your joint. Often it is the resulr of prolonged pressure or sitting, prior trauma or gait abnormalities. Rest, Motrin, cold packs to start. Try to identify and avoid any inciting factor if possible. If it doesn't improve invest within an xray just to be on the safe side. Your doctor may recommend physical analysis and steroid injections.

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Google MBT shoes. You can get them cheaper at Sierra Trading company and Blissworld and walker shoes (google).
They will be the most expensive shoes you will hold bought.
However I was where you are and my doc told me to catch the shoes she wore. I was shocked at the price but after 3 weeks no pain again and it never come back.

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Too much bumpin' & grindin'! Tell him to take it undemanding!

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It could be number of things such as Lupus. You need to go to the doctor to construct sure it isn't something serious like that. :)

Si dysfunction? sacro iliac dysfunction? abet!?

I had it and it be a pendicitus (i dunno how to spell it) alert you doctor as you appendix might need taking out

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Question? anybody know anything roughly speaking the blackmarket concerning painkillers?

mine was caused by bursitis

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I'm 18 as okay... i have the same hip problem you do. But i run 9-12 miles every daytime for cross country. Do you run?

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