What is the remedy for a broken finger that has be broke for months?

I broke my finger 2 months ago. I didn't think it be broke before, I thought I simply sprained it. 2 months later it is still sore and very soon crooked. I went to the doctor, get an xray and it is broken, pretty nasty break on the xray. Anway what can they do immediately that it has heal wrong and produces pain?

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Go see an orthopedist. They will know how to evaluate the break and your pain and put together a plan of management for you. They will sometimes rebreak it and sometimes they will do surgery on it or a combo. Good luck.

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Probably nothing. Over time, it will seize better.

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i dont know im not a doctor

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Probably have to put you lower than anesthesia, break the finger, reset it the right way...dont know if they'd put you underneath anesthesia but I bet the'd break the finger and reset it....

My best friend who has have her leg crooked her whole go from a fall down the stairs during childhood broke her leg just this minute and I guess they straightened the leg recently when she broke it again. It is beneficial well and we are hoping she will be capable of walk better after she finishes physical psychiatric therapy.

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Rebreak and set it.

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the merely thing to do immediately is have it surgicaly rebroken and reset

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set it.... and put a cast on it, unless it allready grew rear legs togeather crooked.

If thats the case, they can rebreak it contained by that area and set it put a bet on straight.

I know this is how its done, and if doctors say "theres nought we can do" then in that just mortal lazy...

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If you do break a bone you want to attain it set by a professional as soon as possible because if you wait around he may own to rebreak it in directive to set it due to the calcium deposits.

He'll probably have to break and reset it if it's that unpromising.

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there is an infection specifically getting bad basically see a doctor

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when i broke my finger the doc said they cant put a cast on it (i know that) they told me to tape the finger to be precise broken to the finger next to it. The doctor can also re set it.

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I would contemplate they would refer you to an orthopaedic surgeon who would either re-break and set it, or complete surgery to reset the bones properly. Didn't your doctor give you any option?

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Most of the time when you hold a broken bone and you let it treat in a strange instrument, if it is still giving you problems and painful afterwards they will give you an anesthetic and re-break the bone and afterwards splint it. That is probably what they will do for you.

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