How long does it take for a punctured lung to treat?

I just be wondering.

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Much of it depends on the extent of the injury, what be done to repair it and if there be any extenuating circumstances or complications involved with the injury.

For example, a simple stab to the chest cause a collapsed lung (pneumothorax) would often require the insertion of a chest tube to reinflate the lung. The lung would be reinflated inwardly a couple of days and the chest tube could be taken out soon after. At that time it will take 6-8 weeks in broad for the wound to heal to full strength.

Similarly, a colossal chest wound that has gotten infected would expected take longer to treat, even with a chest tube surrounded by place to reinflate the lung. Additionally, there may even be the obligation to get surgery to induce scarring in the site of the injury to close up the percolate.

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2-3 months

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Was a chest tube inserted? If so, have it been removed even so? It does take a month or two for it to make well.

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I have all of my ribs on my gone side broken and shoved thru my left lung surrounded by 1994.Dr. made me stay in the hospital 2 weeks.Don't know for sure how long it took for the lung to restore to health but the ribs bother hell out of me to this day.

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