What is Propoxy -N/APAP?

It says that it is 100-650 tab. It is pink and the label on it is 5114 V.

If i drank a adjectives glass of milk formerly taking like 30 Tylernol, would i touch the effects?

from just the first name and dose it is

propoxyphene - and tylenol
the drug is Darvocet N 100
controlled pain medication, contains propoxyphene 100 and apap (tylenol) 650.

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It is a generic form of Darvocet, a combination narcotic painkiller

Is it everyday to wake up this much at hours of darkness?

Darvocet (Propoxy APAP, Wygesic, Propacet) drug information, dosage, side effects, drug interactions, and warnings. Darvocet, generic drug baptize propoxy (propoxyphene) and acetaminophen, is a combination narcotic painkiller. Other brand baptize drugs which contain propoxy with acetaminophen include: Propacet, and Wygesi

could this take place?

It is generic for darvocet. The doctor treating me for sciatic nerve throbbing has prescribed them for me just now.

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