My cat bit me. And it hurts. Should I worry almost this?

My cat bit me in my foot when we were trying to obtain him in a carrer. It's a pretty adjectives bite. It's right along the bone that goes to your inxex finger. There's one that slipped past its sell-by date the bone and bit BY it and one right on it (The depest one is on) then there's another one on my palm on the bone also. But that's not the issue, the issue is immediately it REALLY hurts and my hand feel all tight when I move it. It hurts ALL the time and it doesn't have a feeling like it's getting adjectives the blood flow like it did past the bite. Is there something I can do? Is it desperate? It hurts and I can't use it for almost anything. I can hardly type beside it. It feels really tight and firm to move.
Is this something to worry in the order of? I don't think my cat is sick because he's mine and lately had a vet viset not to long ago. Like two months. Should I see my doctore just about this? And why is it so tight to move? I'm really worried that he may have hurt the bone or something. He a moment ago bit me like tho hours ago so it's not be long.

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Cat and dog bites are very prickly. I would recommend washing the nouns with antibacterial soap and consequently using rubbing alcohol or peroxide on it and bandaging it betadine is also good. It is a surgical soap that you can buy at your local pharmacy. Take some over the counter torment reliever. If will be red for a couple of days, but if it does not get better or get worse you should probably go see your doctor for some antibiotics. Just so you know, your doctor have to (by law) report all animal bites to the humane society and they may want to maintain your cat for observation to take home sure it doesn't have rabies. This happen to me when my roommate's dog bit me (almost took off the downfall of my thumb). The best of luck to you.

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You shouldn't worry unless the cat is a optical illusion.

But really, if the pain hasn't gone down after time I would markedly consult a doctor. The bite could have torn some blood vessel.

Good luck.

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GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!

explicitly not good
cat bites are horrible for you.

You should never permit something like that not travel looked at.

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Well, if it were me and I've be in this boat in the past, I would go see a doctor. Especially if it hurts really desperate. It is probably swelling, that's why it is feeling tight. Your cat may own hit the bone and if it's really deep you may inevitability stitches (as awful as that sounds).

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You best get to the ER past your hand become totally infected. Your hand is tight because it is swollen from the bite which seem quite serious from what you describe. I can't believe you consent to this situation go on for so long. Good luck, because you are definitely going to need like mad of it with that mitt if something isn't done about it ASAP.

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Well it is not a well-mannered thing i article you should go see your doctor and he or she will bring up to date you what is wrong and try to keep from lifting anything and try not to use it that mush in the past you go to the doctor so you know you are not hurting it more because you really dont know what is wrong beside it and maybe wrap it up near an ace bandage and or put some rime on it Good luck!

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You entail to see a doctor as soon as possible.Cat bites can be very serious and require antibiotic treatment.Left untreated can result within serious damage.If it hurts enormously badly stir to emergency room. My son got bitten by a cat inwardly five hours i had to rush him to the hospital ,you wouldnt believe the size of his finger. It swelled pu resembling a ballon. Good luck I hope you feel better soon

Please dont loaf any longer go to doctors. Left untreated cat bites are terrifying and can require surgery leaving you wit unrepairable prejudice. Move two of your cats and only update them you have two. But please dont loaf any longer cat bites can be more dangerous than a dog or ather animals due to their hypodermic sharp teeth wich carry the germs deep into your tissue . it doesnt situation ilf the bite was basically on your finger , it will travel through your body. ER now dont leftovers any more time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You must see your doctor.This could be serious.

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you need to turn to the er. trust me my dog just bit me and they said a cat have the same risks. they will verbs it good and supply you antibiotics. GO TO THE HOSPITAL ASAP

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Don't fool with this.
Cats enjoy snake-like venon
when they get alarmed.
Get yourself to a doctor.
and get hold of a shot.

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My hubby was bitten by of our cats in the region of 3 years ago.
The ER doc said that cat bites are notoriously heartless and almost always carry infected. Cats' mouths just easily have alot of germs.
The tightness in your foot is probably some swelling from an infection.
Get to the doc ASAP.

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The biggest concern is whether or not the cat is up to date on his rabies shot. If he's not, win to the ER immediately.
Keep a close eye on the wound for the subsequent few hours. If the area around it starts getting red or more swollen, you're going to have need of to be checked for infection. Cat bites are notorious for becoming infected. For right very soon, ice your mitt for about 20 minutes, later see how it feels, repeat after in the order of 1/2 an hour. The swelling is probably what's making it feel so tight and stinging. Take some ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) to help near the pain and swelling. For in a minute, put some antibiotic ointment on it. You might want to try the one that have added pain reliever.
All of this is assuming the wounds are not generous enough to have need of stitches - if you're not sure, go to the ER. Wounds want to be stitched within the first few hours if at adjectives possible. If the swelling is that bad, and the discomfort is that bad, you probably should NOT lurk to see a doc. Personally, I'd rather spend a few hours within the ER than develop a bad infection because I wait.

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Yes, catch it checked by a doctor. The other poster was right: cat bites are horrible. They can achieve very weakly infected. My mom got bit on the appendage once. My dad convinced her to go to the ER after a sunshine or two when it became swollen. The doctors in attendance said if she had wait any longer, she might have lost fragment of her hand. Sorry to upset you, but do have it looked at.

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I've read a cat's bite is worse than a dog's bite. Our cat bit our daughter a couple years ago and it get really infected and swollen. We took her to the pediatrician and she was prescribed an antibiotic. Anyway, dry-clean the hand really dutiful with an anti-bacterial soap, and apply peroxide or neosporin. It sounds similar to your bite may be more of an injury than an infection. I would just view it for a day or two and if it get worse or doesn't improve, see a doctor.

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I agree, you should go see the doctor asap.

What you are describing is probably anguish from swelling. Animal bites can be serious, because they have a giant risk of infection. Animal saliva contains a number of types of cold bacteria. Cats are immune to these microbes, but humans are not.

Before you get to the doctor, you can bear two or three ibuprofen, and soak your hand contained by ice marine to keep down the swelling. It also might minister to to thoroughly clean the wound near some iodine solution.

On a side note cats usually just bite when they feel they enjoy no other choice. If you are handling your cat roughly enough that he is biting, it is going to be that much harder to catch him in the mover next time, because he may enjoy been traumatized. Try instruction him not to freak out when it's time to go into the possessor. Put the carrier essential one of his favorite areas. Entice him inside with a treat or some can cat food. Put a comfy pad or blanket inside, one that he have already used so it smells like him. These are only just a few ideas

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if it's down to the bone u should go to the doctor and enjoy they clean it and see what to do

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