Can you turn blind from getting poked in the eye?

My friend and I were wrestling in his front patio and I accidently poked him in both eyes near my fingers. I don't have any nail so didn't think it be that criticle. But he hasn't been competent to see out of his left eye all the same, and the blood vessels when all`s said and done left side of his eye are popped. Is it possible that he could be blind in that eye?

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The same entry happened to me in the order of a year ago. Most likely he have a scratched cornea, which sounds a lot worse than it is. It is extremely aching and can cause short-term difficulty with figment of the imagination, due to swelling of the blood vessels (so I be told by the ER doctor that I saw). I was given spasm medication and told that this type of injury, while very itchy and scary, resolves itself totally quickly...usually surrounded by 1 to 2 days. It was completely better inwardly 48 hours. I would have him shift to the ER just to be sure it's nil more serious.

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No but he might need surgery if it doesn't draw from any better. He might need eye drops or a lense for his eye. He should travel get both of his eyes checked out.

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