Which shoulder injury is worse (long term)?

Which injury is worse for you long term, a separated shoulder or a dislocated shoulder and why?


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A dislocation of the shoulder involves massive lay waste to to the glenoid labrum (cartilage). This results in chronic instability and regularly a progressively worsening condition.

A separated shoulder results from a tear or rupture of a ligament that can be repaired surgically if needed. Generally, next to proper treatment, this injury does better long-term than a dislocation.

Note: a dislocation of the shoulder and a separation of the shoulder involve different joints of the shoulder girdle.

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The dislocated shoulder can be remedied immediately by have it relocated by a doctor. A separated shoulder weakens the section that tore, so I think the separated shoulder is the one near the most after effects, if any.

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It depends how much of a separation. If its a grade 3 sep after that would be the worse. This means within was physical breaking of the ligaments and want surgical reconstruction. This will wreak the shoulder never to be quite one and the same.

Don't get me wrong though, continually dislocations and lower order separations can compound and create arthritic joints or chronic backache.

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I think the in front of, each time you dislocate any common it becomes easier and easier to dislocate again, while a seperation, then again, can be fixed through surgery and in tons cases the joint will come out stronger than they be before the injury.

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hi within ,im not sure what do u mean by separated shoulder im a doctor but i `vent hear about it,i meditate the answer would be dislocated shoulder,why> cuz its liable to recurrence and its realy hurtful need physiotherapy and enforcment of the rotator muscles some times by surgery.

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