What is the advantages and disadvantages of Mercy Killing?

What is the advantages and disadvantages of Mercy Killing?
In your point of view?

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I don't see a disadvantage...having machines save your alive isn't living it's existing...

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mercily good and mercily doomed to failure.

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Well it sucks to be sick. SO they main draw put money on is that you go to detain for killing someone.

I enjoy a pain contained by a very localized nouns at the upper right side of my head,which comes and go...?

Disadvantage: Being Killed
Advantage: Being Killed

Depends on who you are.

has anyone ever been shocked by defibrilation, while coding a pt. If so I would approaching to know your symptoms ?

Advantages - lets culture choose their fate (freedom of choice) truly.

Disadvantages - pisses religious populace off.

For better or worse, it is stil their outcome. We can do our best to persuade etc.. Just approaching in other areas of go, if someone wants to spend their fortune on having a bet or drugs(alcohol, tobacco), we give them the freedom of choice even though they are bloodbath themselves metaphorically or literally. There is an exception, if they are saying eliminate me while in extreme spasm at the moment, it is probably best to ask them again when the pain have reduced(anesthetic), and persuade them that time is worth living.

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Why simply kill out of mercy? Oil and diamonds fit the bill as resourcefully.

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Advantage- putting someone out of their misery cause they don't want to be a vegetable ot bear up interminable pain.

Disadvantage- science suddenly comes up next to a cure for what ails them shortly after they kick the bucket.

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The advantage of Euthanasia is citizens have the right to resolve if their lives should be taken to give them freedom from some painful pain, i parsimonious, come on, we have to consider how much the entity must be going through to say that he desires his life to be taken away....

the disadvantage is, sometimes we have a feeling like dying when we're in lots of spasm, so there might be a channel out, and the person might be in recent times saying this because of the distress whereas there might be a channel to save the duration of that person....

after again.... people desire on euthanasia when everything's been tried and nearby isn't any way out.. or atleast in attendance it seems that everything's be tried, and there's no way out

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I don't know if I would bid it "advantages or disadvantages" but certainly, we treat our animals better within this society than we do our old or sick nation. Unless you have witnessed someone actively dying, I suppose you would be appalled at the thought of euthanasia. However, if you own worked in the robustness care paddock and had someone cling to you and supplicate you to kill them because they are surrounded by such pain, you might quality differently. I would say that it is a personal choice. If a person have no quality of go and no hope of getting better, they should know how to choose what they want and how they want to go short suffering. I would rather be unmoving than lay half-dead in a bed somewhere waiting for the appendage and I have made my own plans if that should begin. I know, there are miracles. I've see those too. However, God created us with the knack to choose. I think Dr. Korvorkian is right...and it's simply my belief. Thank you for asking a thought-provoking question...and Godloveya.

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