Is your appendix on the right or vanished side of your body?

Something hurts alot and I wanna rule out my appendix playing up...thanks...x

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Appendix is on the right, but knowing that won't rule out much. If you are concerned about abdominal distress seek medical proposal!!

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right side

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i construe its on the left

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Right side hunni

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Your appendix is on the right side of your body.

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right....if it hurts plentifully and keeps up, turn to the doctor ASAP!

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I thought it be the left.

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My appendix WAS on the right side.

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It's on your right side...if the discomfort is on your left you involve to poop. ;)

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It is on your lower RIGHT side. If you have a temp, and outlook tried go to the ER NOW!!!

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Right, pain sometimes begin on the left and radiate over, eventually becoming unbearable. Appendicitis is usually accompany by nausea and a fever.

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it's on the right hand side. The twinge is severe - you will know something is wrong. If you are a woman, it is not uncommon to gain a pain surrounded by your right or left appendage side during ovulation (about 14th day of your cycle). Any worries, see your GP - that's what you wages tax for.

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Your appendix is towards your groin area on your RIGHT side.

But if something's wrong next to it, the pain can spread to your departed, and all along your intestinal nouns.

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It's on the right, contained by the soft bit below your ribs.

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Lower right - if accompany by cramps, point tenderness or frenzy get to hospital NOW

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the right. but if u reeli dono wat 2 do, look it up on the comp.

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Right, and if its hurting badly, draw from it checked out. mine burst and I had an hour to live. still here 15 years after that tho...

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Definately the right side.

If you enjoy appendicitis, you would know about it, surrounded by other words, you wouldn't be feeling upto asking YouQA.

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The symptoms of appendicitis typically start with a mild frenzy and pain around the bellybutton, and can be accompany by vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation. The stomach pain usually worsens and moves to the lower right side of the belly

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The appendix is located at the lower right quadrant of the belly.

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It is definitely thr lower right, have mine removed so know for sure! The pain can be more generalised and sometimes starts towards the moved out. If you have heat peaks, ie your temp suddenly go very lofty but drops again, have difficulty keeping anything down, even hose, and the pain is intense next go to the hospital, the worst they'll do is find out you are constipated, you don't want to win to the stage where it ruptures.....not nice, I know.

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The appendix lie on the right lower quadrant of the tummy,the signs and symptoms include generalized adbominal pain around the" belly button",beside low grade temp,nausea,and vomiting.following the pain will be more intense,and settled into the lower right quadrant of the abd. The Hallmark of appendicitis is the "REBOUND TENDERNESS"When you helpfully press inward over the site with your fingers,and suddenly "tolerate go" and that causes more intense spasm,that's the rebound.You will also own rising temp,more nausea & vomiting etc.To find for sure,you need to shift to the ER for blood test,and a CT scan.People can hold all sorts of symptoms,even different areas of agony and tenderness,so you can't other rely on them.Like myself,my appendix was retro-flexed towards the back to the left side,adjectives my discomfort was on the not here,but I was terrifically sick,only the CBC/ Diff and CT scan confirmed it,and it be "leaking" not yet ruptured. Get yourself to the ER tonight to form sure. Take care. SW RNP

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the appendix is on the lower right quadrant of the body.

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its on the right side but if ur appendix is playing up u can sometimes receive pain lately below ur belly button that gradually moves to ur right side, look at the nhs 24 website to see if u hold the symptoms of appendisitus good luck xx

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the appendix is one nouns of the proximal colon, and is usually placed at the right lower quadrant of your abdomen. correct morphologic anomalies can exist where the appendix can be placed at the lower disappeared side of the abdomen.
at the bottom member of your abdomen, there's the appendix, colon, intestine, urinary bladder, ureters, ovaries. and so going to a doctor can assist you rule out a major pathologic entity striking you at this intensely moment.
usually acute appendicitis causes midabdominal spasm (that's where dull pain from the appendix is referred to ) that soon goes to the right lower quadrant (at this time, the peritoneum get inflamed or involved). if you think it is appendicitis, stir to the ER because that needs emergency oepration

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