Are near lymph nodes on your hand/wrist?

A few days ago a mysterious hard lump that feel similar to a swollen lymph node appeared on my left wrist, around the bottom of the subsidise of my hand. It get sore when I use that wrist too much. At the moment, just roughly speaking every lymph node in my d¨Ścolletage is horribly swollen (when I turn my head it sounds close to Rice Krispies in my brain) and they are cause pain to shoot up my collar constantly. I figure I am probably getting sick, or warfare off some sort of infection. I gain swollen lymph nodes in my collar all the time, but never my wrist! I don't even know if they exist near.

I also have tendonitis within both of my wrists. When the soreness started on that side, I thought it was newly a flare-up. I've never heard of tendonitis cause lumps that are visible beneath the surface of the skin, but for all I know to be precise the cause of this mysterious point.

Any ideas as to what this probably is? If I can't numeral it out, I'll have to see a doctor and spawn sure it isn't anything serious.

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Sure there are

Lymph circulates to the lymph node via afferent lymphatic vessel and drains into the node just beneath the medication in a space call the subcapsular sinus. The subcapsular sinus drains into trabecular sinuses and finally into medullary sinuses. The sinus space is criss-crossed by the pseudopods of macrophages which act to trap foreign particle and filter the lymph. The medullary sinuses converge at the hilum and lymph then leaves the lymph node via the efferent lymphatic vessel.

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