Is my pinky finger broken or sprained?

i was playing basketball yesterday and i one and only realized after the winter sport that my pinky finger was really hurting. how do i know if it's broken or sprained? there's no discoloration or swelling, it simply really hurts. i can move it, but it does really hurt. Would soaking it do anything? help!!!

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don't soak it in anything except rime water... or rime. 20 min on 20min off. it keep the swelling down. if you soak it in hot this close to the time of the injury, the swelling can cause tissue injure. splint it asap. it's just sprained or fractured if nearby is no bone sticking out. and most likely sprained. any way hang on to it splinted until it heals or progress see a doctor to ease your mind

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sprained. soak it in warm/hot water. im a bball player, it help, is happened to me a million times b4.


you've sprained it. in recent times ice it a bit and you'll be ok

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sounds resembling me. i got my finger hurt really bleak in pen hockey a few years ago when my thumb got whacked by some idiot's stick. my finger be super swollen. it was blue and it be bleeding and it actually looked approaching the bone was poking up a touch bit. i couldn't move my finger either. i go to the hospital but it was one and only a really bad sprain.
so im sure your finger is lone sprained too. go to a doctor if it hurts really desperate or just put some rime on it. if it still hurts for a week than you really should go see a doctor

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Its probably not broken if its not swollen and u can move it. You most expected have sprained it. try not to move it much, try not ot hit it on things and for the dull pain try taking aspirin.

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