How do I un-pop my ears?

I have a cold, and one of my ears popped when I be blowing my nose. I can't procure it to unpop - does anyone have any suggestions? I'm already on sinus medication.

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time is a great healer as when your cold subsides the pressure in your lobes will equalize


chew some gum

How do you aid your body in growing?

press ur nostrils closed and blow i find it help

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Chewing gum is the best choice. If that doesn't work for you, try swallowing beside your jaw dropped or applying roast to the area by resources of heating wad or a warm hip bath.
Get well soon.

Once contained by awhile i get really severe pains in my knees and my elbow to the point i cant move my knee or elbows..

Do this solitary if your cold is better.
Hold your nose beside your thumb and index finger tightly closed.
Just blow hard beside your mouth and nose closed to agree to air run through your eustanchian tube this will consent to the ear unpop. And chew gum.

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one handy dandy trick i figued out by myself was to swalow within your own spit for couple of times.

(it works for me)

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I make my self yawn REALLY BIG!!!

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Chew gum: I do this when flying too, and it saves me a huge ammount of spasm from the variation surrounded by pressure.

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Holding my nose and blowing intricate works everytime for me.

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chew gum and swallowing. when you blow your muzzle, open your mouth (but own the tissue up to your nose) and they won't clog up either.

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