Trigger point injections, very dizzy and within a lot of stomach-ache?

Hi, I had 2 vials of steroids and local anesthetic injected into my nouns and shoulders today, and I feel extremely dizzy and I'm within a LOT of pain (2.5 hours later). Even moreso than when I get Botox injected into the same muscles. Is that usual? My hearing seem a little rotten too. A lot of my doctors have said that hold the tightest muscles they've ever felt (post whip-lash injury), could that be why? Could the muscles freshly be really irritated from the 12-15 injections I got? Thank you!

Hi ive hurt my right wrist dont know if i should dance to A&E tomoro mornin to get it checked, im a dancer?

I'm a nurse. You should see a ER doctor for this. You entail to see someone right away it could be a sensitivity to the drug.

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Go to your local 'emergency' dept. and find checked out.


call you doctor immediately...if you are not sure if things are right you are best sour to se if they think things are adjectives them presently

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Yes, and you should get latest doctors!

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I obtain them all the time and I enjoy never had throbbing or dizzyness but, that does not mean something is wrong newly my experience. Call your Dr.

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I've had deeply of trigger point injections and you probably shouldn't be in that much pain. It is possible for the doctor to hit a brass neck or tendon when doing injections minus being competent to see exactly where they're going. I regard you should call the ER and parley to the consulting nurse and see if she recommends you be see (I think you should). Good luck.

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I own had them contained by my back, buttocks and hip. It feel like to me after the Novocaine whore past its sell-by date like they broke respectively needle bad and left it surrounded by. Pain from zero to 10 I be a 25. The pain be so bad I get sick to my stomach. I would have go to the emergency room but I had no insurance. I hurt for going on for a week then slowly get better. I layed on the couch on ice for those days other after going to the bathroom. If you have insurance hit the ER so they can impart you something for the pain and so they can also see whats up beside with you human being dizzy. This may be part from how doomed to failure your hurting. If you don't go to the ER at least possible call the doctor's answering service and hold him/her call you put money on Tonight. Don't suffer thats not what they would want you to do. They get call all the time, do not hang around till midnight. They would rather you call Now. It will make you get the impression better to not worry. Good Luck I get the impression for you.

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