How to bring rid of blisters??


Ear piercing question?

Put lots of "New Skin" on them, they enjoy it at Walmart for like $2.00.

I'm trying to read an eyeglass Rx. What do O.S. and O.D. have it in mind ?

Pop it!

I hit my head pretty intricate on a gym floor last hours of darkness and blacked out for about 3 second.?

I think theres some skin cream or pop em or even a short time ago wait for a long time.

Whats wrong next to me?

pop it....

Is there a Yahoo staff of Doctors?

Band-aid put out these contemporary blster bandages that work RELLY okay.

First aid for burn treatment?

pop them!

omg i love poping blisters i dont know y

then adjectives u can do relli is wait for it to dry out and treat after its dry (after u have poped it) u could put cream stuff on it and bandaids

computer use ?

Pop them
Rub aloe on them
Soak them within ice water

I hope that help. I suffered from many blisters years ago and these help for me.

Your welcome.

What is a perfect home remedy for a pulsating sinus headache ?

Where are the blisters and how did you get them? Don't pop them!!!! Its your bodies defense.

PLZ.HELP...I NEED SERIOUS HELP...plzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

When I go rollerskating, I would come home with blisters on my foot. They'll be gone in a few days, merely ignore them. I don't want to nouns like a gathering pooper, but popping them introduces bacteria. And if you strip the skin off, the tender skin underneath hurts resembling a mf.

My neck hurts so impossible.?

I do a lot of camping/outdoors stuff, for instance i enjoy been on two one hundred mile treks through the harsh environment in canada and the southwest. I other leave em alone and put some moleskin/foam on them and wear soft socks till they jump away but if you pop it you have to disinfect it and put a bandaid on it.

FREE to well brought-up home! I'll even PAY you to take it! Help my sciatica cramp is killing me! Any suggestions?

The bestist onliest and goodliest road is Aloe Vera gel, put it on the affected nouns. constantly.keeping it on it all the time., no concern if its in your body or on your skin.It will treat it.then after it heal some, put some vitamin e on it,you will be messing up if you dont listen to me, about this.

Pinched guts?

bust them they seem to alleviate quicker

My nose have been bleeding for 2 hours, not gushing, but more than a trickle, should i stir to the hospital?

You DO NOT pop your blisters, you let them treat on its own. If the blister pop by acident then own it cleaned often. But dont pop them it can achieve infected. Im in the medical field trust me.

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