What Does It Mean When You Hear Air Blowing Out Of Your Ear?

I've been sick for a couple of days beside a common cold, and my muzzle has be completely stuffed up. So naturally I've be blowing my nose alot - but today something abnormal happened. When I blew my muzzle, my right ear made the strangest sound. It seem as if air be blowing out of my ear very loudly. Then my ear feel funny for a while, and then it popped. Now it feel normal, but it's be ringing like heck lately. What does this niggardly? Is it just sinus pressure? Or is in attendance something wrong with my ear?

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I don't focus your eardrum is broken (that's usually quite painful), but it does nouns like you manage to blow air or mucous into your ear conduit. I suggest getting a good decongestant to lessen the have need of to blow your nose so much.

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you are going deaf

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Your brain is deflate, you must have punctured it some how.

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Have your doctor check it just to take home sure you don't have a adjectives in your eardrum. This could grounds ear problems later.

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Some people break their ear drums while sneezing, coughing, etc. From what you describe it sounds close to your ear canal only just "opened" up due to the pressure, like when you are surrounded by a moving elevator or in an airplane. Otherwise I would think you would be experiencing some discomfort....

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