How do doctors reattach nerves?

My friend is getting something done to her hands to reattach the nerves... how do doctors do that?

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Using a microscope and very fine sutures they sew them together extension to end.
Across the tatty section nerves regenerate at a millimeter a month so it take awhile to get it adjectives back

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They usually don't.

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go to webmd for more detailed info. adjectives they do is grab both ends of the bottle and sew them together. but it still takes some taking back time for the nerves to recover and regenerate.

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go to they hold a lot of procedures up in attendance that explain what they do and show you

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If it is contained by a part of your body where on earth they can do this they are stitched back together. Ur friend will other experience pain & numbness. Go to for extramural information. I Hope this helps U.

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Hope your friend has be explained that it might not work!
I had this done on my vanished hand. I be not awake during the proceeder but still can not feel a factor of that hand. It will other shoot pain within part of it, and the numbing will for ever be in that, dropping things and unable to use it some days is lately a fact of natural life.

I sure hope it works for your friend. The scar is not adjectives that pretty either.

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