Does proactive work for black those??

i was wondering does proactive work for black individuals? i have a friend who read aloud it doesnt.

also, does anyone know a great treatment for blemishes?

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Vanessa Williams is a spokesperson for Proactive

Abdominal pain?

I am black and Proactive didn't work for me.

Has anyone ever been on Tramadol for chronic affliction?

well proactive won't necessarily work on everybody.. becasue all of us dont enjoy the same dna.. everyone his or her own create for blemishes.. just save you face verbs.. use neutrogena.. btw, didnt proactive work fro alicia keys?

What cause a person to hold gas pains in the back or chest areas?

of course it would why wouldnt it? theres a commercial for proactive next to p diddy i saw it alot im surprised you havet. also it worked for alisha keys! but proactive doesnt work for everybody no business what color their skin is.and as for im not very sure. i hose my face beside dove bar soap cuz i reflect on it works better than all those other face washes creams and cleansers. lol. other perceptive you can get a devout foundation i really like covergirl trublend. i hope this help :]

Any Doctor's on here? What's the danger surrounded by taking Cocodamol if it's unprescribed?

i saw some pictures of black people who have used it:

look here:

and yes, it won't work for everybody. everyone has a different recoil or skin type. it worked really good for my friend, but it didn't work for one of my other friends.

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It depends om how resistant your skin is to trustworthy products. Now if you have see the commercials consequently you would know that it supposedly works for all skin types. But it again depends on your skin type and how all right your skin adjust to new products. Try it for two months and see how it does on your skin. You can also try other products resembling Zeno, and clean and clear. Those also work pretty capably.

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