Can you nick tums and gas-x together?

My husband isn't feeling right and he took tums up to that time telling me he be bloated, I don't want him to take tums and gas-x if it could explanation any issues.

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If it's just a stomach issue, it shouldn't be a problem! There are a bunch of combo drugs out in that that have something for both bitter stomach and gas. The Tums will help neutralize the stomach bitter that may be causing some burning and the simethicone will facilitate get rid of the gas bubbles that might be cause the bloating.

Indegestion can also point to other issues.... If it's once in a while, that's one thing, but if he's doing it after every collation, for weeks on end, you may want to check beside a doctor to see if he has reflux or something else going on.

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Just pocket 1 Gas-X it should be fine .I have done that ,but that's me .Watch him, for to be exact a heart attack sign also .
God Bless .

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What is most important I devise is to get to the root of why he is consciousness unwell. Why is he taking tums and why does he feel bloated? His problems could be zilch or quite historic. However you can NOT know which unless you see the doc. If nothing else he/she can prescribe meds rather more substantial then any tums or gas-x. But first and foremost find out what's up. Promise?! Good luck.

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I would consider asking a pharmacist if it's a devout idea to be taking both tums and gas-x at equal time. The pharmacist should be able to convey you about any reaction, or should be able to make clear to you where to budge to find out.

If your husband isn't feeling right, and he's not improving, I would suggest that he speaks to his doctor as soon as possible.

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Fresh water is really the best item for this kind of indigestion. Obviously, do not overdo it similar to the poor gal in California. A full 8 oz cup each 1/2 hour until the mass ooze out of his intestines. Something else you could try (next time) is sleeping tightly spoons together with your backbone firmly against his belly. The warmth and pressure will squeeze out the gunk really nicely. Yes, it sounds gross but it works.

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Even young ancestors can have heart attacks. There are usually other symptoms such as pressure;niggle radiating to the jaw, nouns, or down the left arm, whiteness, fatigue, shortness of breath, sweating.

As for ordinary heatburn, yes, Tums and Gas-X can be taken together. Tums is an antacid which neutralize stomach acid. Gas-X is simethicone, which deflate gas bubbles in the intestinal system. Gaviscon extra-strength is the best antacid I own ever found.

If the medicine doesn't upgrade his symptoms almost immediately, I would verbs to suspect a heart problem. Many people loaf hours before seeking medical minister to, which causes unnecessary further despoil to the heart muscle, not to mention more disability and death. At tiniest check with the doctor over the phone just about the symptoms.

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