Belly Button After Laparoscopic Appendectomy?

I had my operation abt 12 days ago. I took my bandage off (with an ok from my doc) and I be horrified!!!!!!!!! My belly button sticks out. I had an "innie" previously and I still do but the bottom has somewhat lump. I was expecting for a moment scar and i enjoy a freaky lookin belly button! I called my docs bureau today and the nurse said it was swelling and if it's still in that in a week to come surrounded by. So I have to ask... Is this common?

someone around me had the flu, only just an hour ago what should i do i took a vitamin and drank some OJ what else?

I have in reality had 6 surgeries through my belly button, 5 laporoscopies and a tubal ligation - every time, within was trunk swelling for a couple to few weeks - but my belly button is back to run of the mill. Actually, even with adjectives the surgeries, I can hardly even see the scar.
Don't panic, adjectives will be okay

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Give it time. But the scar is the article... perhaps some cosmetic surgery within a few years is the thing.

Were you rushed to the hospital near a burst appendix, by the way?

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