What is intercostal condronitis?


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In layman's expressions it is an inflammation of the cartilage in and around the rib cage nouns.Causes coughing,sudden impacts to the wager on area,even possibley sleeping in the wrong position for a long extent of time.Anything that would make the combo of muscles & cartilage conduct yourself in an irregular way can lead to inflammation & irritation.

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Intercostal Chondritis, is basically chest affliction. Common in Adults and Children. its cause by inflammation of 1 or more intercostal muscles in the chest wall, causing localised discomfort and pain!

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Intercostal chondritis is the sharp pain feel in between your ribs. it is due to the inflammation of the muscles in between your ribs.
Nothing is to be worried nearby there the stomach-ache gets subside after the course of antibiotics and analgesics.

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"Itis" means inflammation. "Intercostal" mode between the ribs. "Chondro" is cartilage.
It is a painful, but not precarious, pain contained by the chest due to an inflammation of the cartilage (or sometimes muscle tissue) between the ribs. It often follows a fruitless chest cold or bronchitis, but can also occur on its own. ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory, can relieve with the dull pain.

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