Should I Pull my Toenail Off?

My toenail was caught contained by a door and it flipped back cause my toenail to come half road off. I thought the bottom division was still attached to the underlying toe but it is not. So presently my toenail is dried up and hanging on by some of the cuticle. Should i pull/remove my toenail stale? And if so, how do I remove it?

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Well you are going to lose it anyway. You can wait for it trip up off on it's own. That would probably be the lowest painful. Or if you don't reason it will hurt, get rid of it. That is distasteful, nasty, wicked!

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Best to clip it stale.

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ewwww,i would permit a podiatrist do it,dont chance it.

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Yep cut it rotten using sissors good look x

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Garrgh! yeah trim it as short as you can, cover it next to a band-aid so it won't snag on anything.

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Clip it as close to the attachment without getting so close the skin is potential to grow over the nail remnant.
If you verbs it off it's gonna hurt close to mad.

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Leave it on. Use some gauze tape or a bandaid to hold it down. It will protect the skin underneath. I'd speak only remove it if it's hurting you. I'd probably clutch it off by twisting it wager on and forth off the cuticle. Sounds bleeding :(
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