Not sure what sort of bug bite this is...?

I was up within New Hampshire for the day yesterday, and I be laying on the grass... I looked at my collar bone nouns, and there be a small blood-red dot there, roughly a millimeter in diameter.

This morning I woke up, and the dot is gone, but it's itching close to crazy, and is slightly swollen about 3/4 of an inch in diameter.

It be early within the day, and mosquitoes weren't around but, so I don't think it be a mosquito, and also, i've never had a mosquito bite that started past its sell-by date with a dot close to this one.

Any ideas on what humane of bite this may be?

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Might be chiggers a form of mite. Or a tick bite. Is nearby pinkness around the swollen area? Get to a doctor as soon as possible; it may be spotted deer tick or some other tick-borne disease such as Lymes.

is stitches pop apart will the wound still mend on its on?

flea bite? and i cant conjure in untried hampshire what it could be , surely they dont have chiggers? i dont know i option i could tell you

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it might be a spider,horse fly or other bug,but if the itching continues,see a doctor or dermotoligst.sometimes Gold Bond itch cream works,it would be at the local drug store.

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I think may be is it a bed bug,coz though the spot vanish but itchin is so much tht it gets red.

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maybe a bee sting? i know sometimes when i draw from stung i see a dot and then it swells up and sometimes i dont even know im stung till i grain it and i never see the bee, they can be sneaky..

broken toe?

Sounds like a tick bite, catch it checked right away you don't want lyme disease they should test you for that.
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