Can I Drive On Percocet?

I need to shift to work, and my doctor never told me if not to help yourself to these when driving. I take one within the morning and one at night. I've be on vacation, but presently need to walk back to work. Also, I dont want my assignment to notice that im on anything.

Im sure 10mg Isn't A lot to label someone not be able to do things, but im in recent times making sure.

When I take them, It take my back stomach-ache away, it dosn't make me "High" or anything. (Not that I spy, because i've always be laying down after taking them)

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I know your situation totally, I am just coming stale of a lengthy vigour problem, I was prescribed hydracodone which is pretty much like peas in a pod thing as Percocet.

I transport them as prescribed and 1 every 4 or 6 hrs, and with freshly taking one I don't think I would want to drive, my antipathy time would be crap and when behind the reins of a car "spontaneous effect time" is rather meaningful.

As far as at work, it depends on what you do and how you handle it, if it's work next to any kind of machinery you could be putting yourself and others at risk. If it's a desk profession, then simply tell your boss, at hand is nothing wrong next to taking medication as prescribed by a doctor.

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it is more than you think.not a soul should under anything influances of meds or drinking.

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Your probably as long as it doesnt make you get the impression weird - even for a moment.

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I wouldn't drive. If you get within a wreck or get pulled over you could attain a DUI since the doctor already warned you not to drive and I'm sure it say not to on the medicine sign. If I took half a percocet at a smaller dosage I couldn't drive. Don't risk it. I hope your pay for pain get better, though. I hurt mine once and back backache is the absolute worst!

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DUI scheme Driving Under the Influence - it doesn't say what of. You can be done for DUI, if you are below the influence of anything that impairs your capability.

I recommend you do NOT drive. I've taken Percocet myself in times gone by and by the time I get to the train of a sentence, I can't remember what the...well something. What be I saying ?

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you would be merely fine...but, only you know YOU.. use perfect judgement, my kids are on the road too!

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Your doctor told you not to drive while on them so don't drive.

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You need to grasp someone to drive you for awhile. If you insist on driving while taking this powerful medicine, stay rotten of the roads in my town.

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Call your doctor's department and ask. If you decide to arbitrary it, you need to see how you counter to them when you don't lie down after taking them. One piece to keep surrounded by mind is that if you have an stroke of luck, even if it's someone else's fault, if a police officer think you look impaired, they can request a drug screening. I've see people charged for driving DUI due to prescription throbbing meds.

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OK so why not drive to work then bear the pill. After 8 hours of work you will be able to drive home after take the other one. I would not drive right after taking a percocet no thing what the dose. If your in an stroke of luck even if it was not your eccentricity you could still be in trouble. I would not risk it. I suffer from spinal column pain but this is one pill I would not drive on trust yourself.

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SOLUTION: CARPOOL (COST of gas to hours of daylight a better plan- lol)


Ask the DR if he can give you the 5/325 ( a revision contained by meds and tell him why" and he can relief you with a rota.

You need to make clear to them at work that you are on PRESCRIBED medication. It is legal for you to do this. A dr's facts will cover you.

For the past 20 yrs, I own been on this medication and mortal honest and upfront with ethnic group around you.. helps alot - and they will think through that it is for the pain...
YES 10/325 IS ALOT (considering most one and only take (1 of the 5's) and alot more consequently you think and I NEVER drive on meds-, My folks thieve me where ever I inevitability to go because I merely dont feel resembling I should be driving anymore... other then the DR, I step no where, because I am on meds and it would require me to drive. I am content one a passenger!

Basically what I am saying, and what my DR allowed me to do is be Comfortable during the light of day and feel even better at hours of darkness. Once you get used to the meds, that 'HIGH' notion should subside.

By asking for the 5's you can easily split the 5's too so after you can take it a moment or two more often. to some extent then return with that dopey feeling adjectives at once.
I would take one within the morning when I get up, supplement as much as you can next to tylenol during the day
and then bring 2 at dinner and 2 at bed and 2 in the middle of the darkness if needed

i think you will acquire my point, but there is a instrument around this. PLEASE consider staying off the road while taking Percocet.

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It adjectives depends on how your body reacts to it. Everyone is different. I be taking 8 hydrocone 10/325 and a few more meds that my pain doctor give me every day and I drove in recent times fine. The meds didn't even take away the throbbing, they just dulled it for a time. If you start drooling and staggering around, don't take them...You nouns like you're fine. If you own to work, you might as well not be hurting while you're doing it. That's my final answer...

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try taking them and not purely laying down try doing thiings approaching around the house and if u can funcution on them then bear it after you get ot work after 8 hrs you should be ok later take 1 when you bring home hope this helps I know affliction
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