Elbow Injury- Broken? Dislocated? Just Badly Bruised?

I hit my humerus (funny bone) really hard on the fold of a boat. It only scraped of similar to the top skin, but what hurts the most is that I bruised it and it hurts like hell. I can move my arm, but when I do so It hurts resembling really bad right right surrounded by the elbow area where on earth I hit it, and I hit it like right beneath, save dead on, the humerus (on that little bump that sticks out the side of your arm on your elbow, facing away from you). Im not sure but If I can bend my arm fully, cause when I carry close to completely bending it, it hurts really bad. Right in a minute theres a bruise there, and its swollen where I hit it. It feel kinda like achy right contained by that area. Even typing, where on earth Im just using my fingers make it hurt. Does it sounded like a only just bruised my arm, or I dislocated it or what? And do you know the ways on how I can tell if I dislocated it or boke it?

I hold extream pain within my feet every morning when I achieve up. It usually goes away after an hour of mortal up?

It doesn't sound dislocated but their may be a small fracture present. Use Ice, elevation, rest and motrin for swelling. It that doesnt facilitate I would have an x gleam done.


go to the dr or the ER and get it xrayed the dr will know if its broken or dislocated.
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