How long should a sprained ankle stay swollen?

I severely sprained it about three or four weeks ago and though I am attitude weight on it immediately and have regain most of the range of motion surrounded by it, it is still pretty swollen. How much longer can I expect for this to be this way or should I see a doctor? Is this unusual? Thanks!

Do you hold any idea of what type of bug this might be?

They say that a sprain is harder to find over sometimes than an actual break. It could stay swollen for several weeks and sometimes the swelling never completely goes away. A doctor could bestow you a medication for the inflammation but if you want to avoid the bill then you could lately get some ibuprofen over the counter but variety sure you take it near something to eat because it can cause your stomach some problems.

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When I sprained my ankle really unpromising it took like two months for adjectives the swelling to go down. It will stir away. Don't worry something like it.

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By the second week, it should reduce swelling.
If you are competent to walk on it, afterwards you should be fine.

But if you are still concerned because the swelling hasn't gone down, then you should jump see a doctor.

Try sleeping with your foot propped up against a couple of pillows.

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Took almost 2 years to heal because I have to continue to hike on it.

It was a sprain, no break.
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