Blood pressure - 106 over 71 Good?


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Yes. Very good.

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that blood pressure is basically fine.

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Yes, its accurate. You have commonplace blood pressure.

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That's rather low. The normal use to be 120/80 but presently it's 130 or 95 so as you can see your 106/71 is pretty low either passageway. What you can do for this is eat foods beside a little bit more sodium content contained by them and your blood pressure will eventually level out. I've be on blood pressure medication since I was immature and I'm now 44 and I pocket medicated as well so I'm greatly familiar near blood pressure and issues surrounding it. Take care of yourself and salary attention to your blood pressure ... just close to high blood pressure is customarily classified as the "silent killer" ... so is "low blood pressure" ... so be careful and God bless!

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Yes, 120/80 is considered normal-healthy. 140/90 is considered dignified depending on your age. As long as you aren't getting light-headed or passing out when you stand up, lower pressure resembling yours is a good entry.

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I preference mine was that well-mannered!

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120/80 used to be considered normal. Now this is considered pre-hypertensive. Anything below 120/80 is everyday. 103/71 is excellent. Howeve your blood pressure will vary throughout the daylight, so have it taken at different times will supply you a better picture of your overall health. For most individuals, it will be lower first thing within the morning after urinating, but before intake.

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Excellent. 120 over 80 is acceptable on the high-ranking end. You don't want any number to go beneath 90 over 60. Keep up whatever you're doing!! :)

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Your blood pressure is excellent. Perhaps you are an athlete.

The absolutely reliable blood pressure is 90/60 and that is the actual blood pressure of passionate gorillas but as my GP said such ultimate figures are virtually impossible for us humans because our lifestyle is not as on top form as that of wild gorilla. For us humans 120/70 is regarded as really good or even 120/80 is OK but over 140/90 is too large and you need treatment such as tablets.
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