Do you individuals shoot up heroin or cocaine into their legs?

just wondering do you people shoot up heroin or cocaine into their legs because my friend have bruises sometimes in the leg, and say ran into something, i see them regularly i just dont know but not within the arms just legs?

I be aware of like rubbish, get no running water and i want a shower and im at home alone and feel down!? :-(?

If your give somebody the third degree is legit... I've seen documentaries where on earth people shoot heroin into their eyes. People shoot it between the webbing of their fingers. Anywhere it can be shot someone have done it.

I don't think general public shoot up with cocaine (only) though. I hear about one skin and really bad things happen to that person.

about hydroxicut?

People who shoot-up drugs will dance wherever on the body they can find a artery. Hands, feet, legs, collar...even between the toes. If there's a vein, they'll use it.

is the thumb a finger?

nop...da efect will come slow..

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You can inject heroin anywhere so long as it get in the bloodstream. I've worked on drugs job in the UK Police and users tend to start beside arms then over a term of time veins collapse. They later move onto legs, groin, neck and even between their toes up to that time they hit the final place... their penis. I know some lads also do what we call "speedballs" (heroin and cocaine) into miscellaneous parts of their body.

sleeping position?

Yes they do. They do that so no one will see the grades.Look for rubber band grades or something that goes adjectives the way around. They use a belt of some sort to cut off circulation, to fashion the veins pop out. Also the vein will be real small from wound.

Yesterday i fell while playing bball?

anywhere there is a artery.

i recently dislocated my knees cap and found out that i tore my patella will it ever heel minus surgery?

an addict will shot up anywhere here is a vein, so the legs are an nouns than can be hidden, so to be precise one good explanation why a person my choose to stir to that area.
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