What is Postlaminect syndrome?

I have have a lumbar fusion and at the end of the month I am have my second lunbar decompression. Does this have anything to do near my question?

Toe Spasms?

post laminectomy syndrome is usually cause by scar tissue formation at the site of the previous surgery. it can bring stenosis (or narrowing) just similar to the bone and ligament that was nearby before. usually the mutilation tissue takes several years to form but i own seen it form much quicker contained by some of my patients.

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The with the sole purpose thing I could find in the region of it is the ICD 9 code. Even the National Institute of Health website and MedLine didn't have anything.

Actually, the ICD 9 code be a Lumbar radiography code so I will assume that you upcoming procedure has something to do beside it.

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Have you tried a Yahoo explore for "postlaminectomy syndrome"?
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