How much does it take for sutures to accidentally "rip" unstop?

I had foot surgery and they sewed me put money on up pretty nicely, I saw it, looked pretty standard. They bandaged it spinal column up under in the order of a half inch of gauzy stuff and sent me sour. It has be almost a week and I feel close to I am ready to be as influential as I can be with an immobile foot. But I am afraid I may own taken it too far and the suture area is painful and feeling sore. I am upset that I might have done some disfavour, or ripped the stitches. Is that possible? is it easy to rip stitches?

I seize these red bite like results on my skin when i spend time in salt dampen?they look like ample bug bites?

Don't be dumb. Follow your physicians orders. Every light of day those stitches stay in the stronger the skin and tissues will win and lessen your chance of ripping them accessible. Think about it. All that tissue have to knit itself back together and its surrounded by an area that have a lot of stress on it next to all sorts of movement. The stitches are near to stabilize the tissue. It's not very comfortable to rip them open, however when you hold the stitches taken out if you are too rambunctious you can certainly injury yourself well. It is too often that culture don't take safekeeping of themselves in a situation approaching this and pay for it contained by the years to come. Be nice to your body.
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