I broke my tib/fib 9wks ago. why are my ankles so swollen?

my doctor told me to start putting weight on it 3 days ago. it hurts and it is slow going, but why is my skin so sore to the touch and why is the lower division of my leg still so swollen. esp my ankles. they are three times their size. is this normal. thanks

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dang. no apposite. tib/fib fx's stink! swelling is a normal stage of recuperative. so you've been non-weightbearing for 9 weeks? that's a LOOOONG time for your legs to not be getting the exercise they want. did you have surgery to correct the fracture? if the artificial leg is really sensitive, it could be from being casted/splinted for so long. i'd sympathetically rub it with a washcloth when bathing to scrub past its sell-by date any dry skin and desensitize the area. keeping your foot elevated is also a good theory. ever heard of 'ankle pumps'? sit surrounded by a chair next to both feet on the floor. slowly angle your heels up until only toes are on the floor, kinda approaching stomping your heels up and down. go up as big as you can and then come down. this is a method to naturally own your calf muscles pump out some of the swelling. don't wear tight socks or shoes for a while either. tolerate your body try to move the edema around on its own. age is also a factor and if you are a diabetic, you could have a slow walk at healing. angelic luck and remember not to over-do it right now! too much walking and getting around will solitary exacerbate the swelling. :)

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Hi Deborah, yes after getting the cast past its sell-by date a broke ankle when you attempt walking it's quite adjectives to suffer from inflamed ankles for a while.

I broke my ankle a few years back and if I bring to mind correctly it was a perfect 6 months before I didn't suffer any swelling in the ankles.

Just label sure that you elevate your legs to help dull the swelling and don't over do things.

In time you'll notice it's better but our bodies transport a long time to heal sometimes and we're adjectives unique contained by our healing.
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